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winter 2020


What is my understanding of nutrition?

I mean by nutrition all kinds of things that one can consume. This includes classic food such as fruit, vegetables, etc., as well as drinks of all kinds. And you can actually take intoxicants and drugs with it ...

But nutrition also includes at what time you consume and how much.

What aspects does this include?

  • What am I eating/drinking?
  • When am I eating/drinking?
  • How much am I eating/drinking?
  • What are the consequences?
  • Can one make use of those?

What problem do I want to focus on?

I would like to address the problem that it feels like half of humanity thinks that diet only affects weight and maybe your skin.

I want to create awareness that nutrition goes well beyond such "small things" and has a direct influence on our everyday life— be it fatigue, stress or even sickness.

Whats the core of the problem?

The core of the problem is that everyone has to deal with themselves— their psyche and their diet— their body.

Whether completely deliberately and consciously, or unintentionally or unconsciously: We all need to eat something and make decisions about what, when and how much.

However, not many are clear about the many adjusting wheels and screws of this decision.

Whom does it concern?

In short, it affects everyone. People who are just interested in the subject of nutrition, people who pay a lot of attention to their diet, or people who just love to watch web stories.

Above all, however, it affects those who notice complaints in themselves or friends and want to change that.

Is there proof for the problem?

We all experience the evidence of the problem every day. You are tired, lacking motivation, stressed, ...

You could relate all of this to other areas of life and see what goes wrong there, but all of this very often leads back to your own diet.

Title, subline and goal of the story


Effects of improper nutrition in everyday life on the body and psyche.

To create awareness of the effects of unhealthy diets and to make the topic more tangible. Everyone knows the subject of nutrition, but few are aware of the consequences.

Target group

My target group is relatively young (17-35), moderately tech-savvy and has a rather relaxed daily schedule.

I would like to address the following archetypes:

the mage —
visionairy, creative, idealistic, makes dreams come true
the rebel —
breaks rules, defies the mainstream, shocked
the wise —
thoughtful, analytical, trustworthy, intelligent


  1. What is unhealthy eating?
    → Introduction to the topic
  2. What are the psychological and physical effects of an unhealthy / unbalanced diet?
    → Create awareness of the problem
  3. How can one prevent these effects / problems? How can you simply eat a healthy and balanced diet? Where can I get help if it is already too late?
    → Create motivation to solve problems

Final project

Experience Food.exe at

Thanks Heiko for leading me in the right direction 👏

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